No download casinos

In our ‘Casinos by type’ article, we explained how even though online casinos use the internet as a base and all functions are backed by software, there are two different interfaces which differentiate one casino type from the other. We explained in our Download casino article the first type of online casino where players have to download and install casino software.

In this article, we explain a more recent and modern form of online casino.

About No Download Casinos

A relatively recent development in online casinos is the launch of No download or Instant play casinos. The key attributes of no download casinos are:

  • There is no downloading involved in any process.
  • All functions are performed through the web browser itself.
  • Players are instantly able to access casino games through any web browser.

Players will require browser plugins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java and bandwidth to lead the graphics, animations and sounds from the web, but this should be a non-issue as most web browsers already have these inbuilt.  Players will have access to all bonuses, promotions and tournaments via the website of the no-download casino.

How no download casinos work

As its name ‘Instant-play’ suggests, all functions are accessible instantly through the web browser and the framework is similar to any other website. The process is straightforward and very swift.

Steps to follow while dealing with web based casinos:

Step 1: Open the web-browser

Step 2: Type in the casino URL. Make sure the casino is an instant play casino.

Step 3: Click Register or Join Now

Step 4: Enter basic details such as Username, Password, Email Address, Postal Address (if required) etc.

Step 5: Sign-in with your new account and click deposit.

Step 6: Choose the most convenient deposit method and deposit amount

Step 7: Start playing and wagering

Popularity of No download casinos

The main purpose of online casinos is to provide ease and convenience to its players. Players could play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their home. As we have mentioned before, most online casinos are download based where players have to download and install casino software before doing anything else.

After more than a decade of people downloading casino software and playing games, they started to weight the disadvantages of download based casino and looked forward to more convenient ways of gambling online. This eventually led to the introduction of no download instant play casinos. No download casinos put an end to many challenges faced by players while downloading casino software and players identified this interface as an easier way of gambling through the internet.

Advantages of No download casinos

Players can skip the hassle of downloading software and godisadvantage straight to signing up, depositing and playing games for real money.

Players have the full freedom to disadvantagetry out games (considering the casino allows practice play) without having to download any 3rd party software into the computer. This is especially advantageous when players are still in the stage of trying out new casinos or practicing new casino games.

With no download casinos, players disadvantagehave the facility to play online casino games from any device, from any part of the world. Since all you need is an internet connection, players aren’t limited to one computer or device. However, we strongly suggest players not to save username and passwords in devices other than their personal computer.

Since the casino’s interface operates disadvantagethrough a web browser, players with iOS or even Linux can easily play online casino games.

With all these advantages, players have slowly identified instant play casinos as being an easier way to interact with online casinos. Since download casinos have dominated the industry for quite a while, the industry is finding hard to instantly change their platform from download based to non download, which is why players still find majority of casinos using the download interface. However, the industry sees this trend slowly shifting as the casinos themselves have identified the true advantages of instant play casinos.

Over the years, players have played in no download casinos and have identified some drawbacks while playing in this casino.

Drawbacks of No download casinos

If you do not have a decent disadvantageinternet speed, loading casino games on the browser might consume more time.

Download Casinos are more disadvantageintuitive in terms of user-interface. Getting around the software is a bit easier than the website making the navigation on the software smoother.