Online Casinos

Online casinos have developed significantly with the rhythm of the internet, which allows players to take an immediate flutter from their home. Online casinos make great use of the power of impulse buy and the internet acts as a great bridge between the player and his immediate wish to play casino games. If you’re already playing in online casinos, our articles on Free-Online-Pokies will help you up your game. And if you haven’t yet given it a try, now’s the time!

We start this article with a brief introduction on the history of online casinos and how it has made an impact on the industry as a whole. Then we gradually move towards how online casinos work, its legality around the world and Australia and answer the million dollar question, why play online.
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Online Casino: History

People have been gambling on and with pretty much anything and everything since time and memorial and it is very difficult to track the birth of the first legalized land casino in the world. wrest-point-casino-tasmaniaHowever, we do know that The Wrest Point Hotel Casino was the first legalized Australian casino opened in 1973 in Tasmania.

With the boom of the internet grew many industries and taking a parallel walk with the rest of the world was the gambling industry which took a pivotal turn in 1994 when Microgaming, an Isle of Man company developed the first online casino software. In the late 90’s, the Caribbean government legalized online gambling and currently only few territories restrict this form of entertainment. The world has now lost count of the number of casinos present on the internet and this growth doesn’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Types of Online Casinos

While it is obvious that the web is the main platform for online casinos and the internet is the main string that holds it all together, online casinos will vary in terms of interface.

Online Casinos can be played primarily in 2 different interfaces; by either downloading the casino software or on the web browser itself; there’s an additional platform which doesn’t use the computer but a mobile device instead. So it’s safe to say that online casinos have 3 different types; download, non-download and mobile.

Details on how these casinos work and different from each other can be found in our ‘Casinos by type’ page.

Online casino licensing and legality

The back story of how casinos came to form is that street gambling were not regulated and rigged in most cases. People established a formal gambling house which was regulated and monitored by a higher authority, in most cases a government body, similar to the banking system of any country. Online casinos have a similar story in which they are licensed by an official governing body. We do not deny that there are hundreds of casinos out there that are rogue and we highly recommend that you stay away from them. As with anything, there are a few good ones in the market and many bad ones.

Online casinos are governed by licensing bodies and trusted jurisdictions never license a rogue casino. The best online casinos are always registered and licensed with a respected authority whose purpose is to make sure the online gambling establishments facilitates all services in a fair and unbiased manner.

Below we have listed some of the most reputed and highly trusted online casino licensing bodies that back hundreds of top quality online casinos.

– Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Maltaonline-casino-licensing-commissions

– Curacao Internet Gaming Association

– Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

– UK Gaming Commission

– Alderney Gambling Control Commission

– Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

We do not state that these are the only gambling authorities that you should trust but most online casinos that have been quotes as trustworthy are licensed and monitored by one of the above mentioned jurisdictions.

As long as the casino is legally licensed by a jurisdiction, it’s legal for players from other parts of the world to register and deposit. However, there are many territories, including Australia, which restricts Aussies to play in online casinos that are registered and operate from within Australia. This rule is governed by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Nonetheless, Australians are allowed to gamble in online casinos operating from outside the Australian territories.

While many territories across the world ban casinos within their boundaries, it’s quite the opposite for online casinos. Since all functions are online, it’s tough for countries to ban online gambling; what they normally tend to do is ban the casino’s website but people always find their ways around it. However, online casinos can ban players from certain territories to play in their casino. Players will notice that most online casinos ban players residing in United States. Similarly online casinos may ban players from other territories as well due to various reasons.

Why play online?

why-play-online-casino-imageIt would be biased to argue that online casinos are better than land casinos. One could arguably states that online casinos are an offshoot of land casinos and they are part of the same industry at a broader level; it’s just the platform that has changes and as with anything, the industry just developed and found an easier way of doing business.

People are now well familiar with the internet and the ease it brings to one’s daily life. There are endless examples of the advantages of the internet; booking for a flight, online banking, purchasing products etc. While ease and convenience is an obvious advantage of the internet, there are numerous other advantages when it comes to online casinos, few of which we have mentioned below.

  • Online casinos give low to high budget players a chance to enjoy online casino games. Online casinos accept deposits of $20 and players are allowed to place bets of as low as $0.50 if they wish.

  • Unlike land casinos, where the dealer sets a time limit to place bets and the crowd hypes up the ambience putting unnecessary pressure on the players; online casinos allow players to place bets at their own pace and ease without imposing any unnecessary pressure to the player.

  • Players do not have to queue up to play their favourite pokie game or place chips on their favourite blackjack table. You’re just a click of a button away from being able to play your favourite casino game immediately.

  • Players are able to enjoy a wide variety of online casino games in online casinos, more than they would ever be able to in a traditional brick and mortar casino. If you just look at the sheer number of slot games offered, players can find anything from the vintage classic pokies to 3D pokies with cutting edge design and technology.

  • An element that certainly sets online casinos above land based is online casino bonuses. There has hardly been a story of land casinos offering players bonus cash when entering the casino doors, but online casinos are filled with deposit and no deposit bonuses.