Casino Promotions

Online Casinos have become noted for its variety of promotional packages offered, and indeed, the industry prides itself on offering one of the most alluring bonuses and promotions on the internet. With each online casino boasting a unique bonus package from the other, players now have a chance to win in more areas than just casino games.

Casino Bonuses are a subject widely discussed amongst casino forums and enthusiast and beginners might want to get into the subject, therefore, this article in Free Online Pokies introduces the most popular and commonly offered bonuses in online casino, to make it easier for newcomers to be part of that discussion.

We start by discussing what a casino bonus actually means.

Online casino bonus: Introduction

Many new as well as current online casino players have a different concept on casino bonuses than what it actually is. This causes minor as well as major disputes between online casinos and the players. Free Online Pokies will try it’s best to demonstrate a clear concept of online casino bonuses to current and potential players so they can take good advantage of online casino bonuses in the way it’s meant to be.

While online casinos cannot supply you with the extravagance expected in land casinos, their bonuses tend to differ by quite a way from lavish food, champagne and lovely accompanies. Online casino bonuses have more to do with CASH. Online casinos have different ways for players to earn this cash, therefore the introduction of numerous online casino bonuses.

Important facts about online casino bonuses

  • Casino bonuses cannot be treated as withdraw able cash immediately (unless stated). In general, all amounts received by the player during these bonuses are ‘bonus cash’ which is added to the player’s bonus account; an account independent from the cash account held with the casino.
  • The player must fulfill certain requirements (wagering or playthrough requirements in most cases) in order to transfer that bonus cash from their bonus account to their cash account, after which the money becomes withdraw able.
  • Each type of online casino bonus have their terms and conditions which can either be stipulations that you have to follow in order to claim the bonus or stipulations you have to follow after claiming the bonus or both.
  • Each type of casino bonus can only be claimed once by a player. However, promotional schemes can be awarded to players multiple times, in accordance to the casino’s policy.

Above we have mentioned few pointers which apply in general to all casino bonuses and promotions. In addition to these points, there may be terms and conditions attached to each type of bonus.

Types of casino bonuses

There are a variety of different casino bonuses that are on offer in online casinos and in an effort to guide you, we’ve compiled brief introductions of the most popular and commonly offered ones. Full details of each bonus type can be found in their individual pages.

There are 2 ways players can claim their online casino bonuses; after depositing – DEPOSIT BONUS or before making a deposit – NO DEPOSIT BONUS.
Within these two ways to claiming a bonus, players can find different types of deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

Types of Deposit Bonuses

Sign-Up bonus or Welcome bonuses are the most commonly offered bonus in online casinos. This bonus has a straight forward concept where players are awarded a bonus on a percentage basis (normally 100%) of their first deposit amount. So, if you deposit $50, the casino will offer you another $50 which is added to your bonus account.

Re-load bonuses closely follow the concept of sign-up bonuses except for the fact that these bonuses are offered on certain number of deposits after the first deposit (when they reload their account). While most welcome bonuses offer 100% bonus on the deposit, it’s not necessary that re-load bonuses yield the same. It could be the case that the second deposit offers 70% bonus on the deposit amount and the third only offers 50%. The number of additional deposits that offer bonuses completely depends on the casino.

Since online casinos are accessible to player around the world, they have to make sure players from most parts of the world are able to deposit in the casino. Top online casinos offer a wide range of deposit methods; however, there are some deposit methods that casinos prefer the players to use. In order to encourage players to use that particular deposit method, they offer a bonus to players using that method.

Types of No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are offered before a player makes his first deposit. The bonus amount is quoted as a fixed amount, which depends on the casino. This amount and bonus is independent from the first deposit as it’s offered before the first deposit; all the player needs to do is register. Depending on the casino, players may receive this amount automatically or players may need to input a NO DEPOSIT BONUS CODE.

Free Spins are a fun way to earn bonuses. Since pokies are one of the most welcomed games in an online casino, they give an opportunity for payers to win a bonus through free spins, after registration and before the players make their first deposit. After a player registers, they might need to submit a FREE SPINS BONUS CODE to the casino in order to claim this bonus or they may automatically claim this bonus as soon as they register and get spinning.

Refer a friend bonus is another common bonus offered by online casinos. The bonus amount is generally fixed and to claim of this bonus, you have to be registered in the casino as a player and you can claim the quoted bonus amount by successfully inviting your friend to join the casino.