Beginner’s Guide

There are numerous questions that a beginner may come across when newly starting with online casinos. The feeling of excitement while venturing into this new-age way of gambling might be stained by a bit of confusion and doubt and our beginner’s guide intends to clear all your doubts to ensure a smooth run, from the first click of a mouse button to the first spin on an online pokie game.

The beginner guide section on Free Online Pokies has been assembled to provide detailed information, tips and advice to online casino newbies. Our intention is to educate new players on the pros and cons, where to play online, where not to play, what to look for in an online casino and introduce important aspects of an online casino which many otherwise may take lightly. We feel confident that our beginner’s guide article will surely help in ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable online gaming experience.

Choosing the right casino

When new online casinos springing up like mushrooms, there’s so much option available to suit every whim of any punter. When deciding on where to play, it pays to do a little research first. Consider some of the following questions when making up your mind.

  • Is the casino licensed from a governing jurisdiction?
  • Who owns and operates the casino?
  • Does the casino accept players from your territory?
  • What other licenses and test certificated does the casino hold?
  • What software platforms does the casino work with?
  • Does the casino offer online games that you prefer?
  • Are the banking methods accepted by the casino feasible and accessible to you and does the casino accept Australian dollars?
  • Are the bonuses offered by the casino available for you and if yes, are they advantageous?
  • Does the casino offer the mode of play (download and non-download) that you are comfortable with?

A good and quick way to answer these questions is to read online casino reviews in websites like these.

Click here to visit our ‘Online Casino Reviews’ page where we have complied a comprehensive review on top online casinos.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve finally chosen to have some fun, we look at where to start. Getting started might be tricky for newbies but we assure you that the process is straight forward. The initial step however, depends on the type of casino you’ve chosen. Our Getting Started guide spells out each step a player needs to follow if they decide to take a flutter on online casino games.

As this is a vital step in the process, we’ve dedicated an entire section to this agenda.

Click here to go to our ‘Getting Started’ page to learn where to start with both download and instant play casinos.

Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos without a doubt top land casinos in terms of bonuses and promotions. It’s important to read into it as it’s a subject discussed widely among casino forums and enthusiasts. Newcomers are certain to encounter online casino bonuses of some form as online casinos are absolutely filled with them.

We found that new players tend to stay away from these bonuses, mostly because they’re unsure of how they actually work.

Our Casino Promotions page explains popular casino bonuses in details, including their terms and conditions so they can make an informed decision on whether it’s worth taking its advantage or not.

Are casinos fair?

As a beginner, it’s obvious for players to ask, is the casino fair and if it is, what makes it fair?

If you’ve looked into how machines in land casinos work, you’ll find that the slot machines and video poker machines use a system called Random Number Generators. A similar system is applied to all casino games online; it’s just the virtual version of the same system and it intends to do exactly the same thing – generate a number at random which eventually leads to a random result.

The famous term RNG which stands for random number generator is an important technology in any online casino games. The RNG is a tool that is used to generate numbers in sequence in a random manner in such a way that the generation of the next number is independent of the last number generated. The number is attached to an aspect of a game, for example a particular symbol in a particular slot of a pokie game. When the reels are spun and the number is chosen, the symbol lands on that particular reel and row of a slot game. The number is reshuffled and is now allocated to another symbol in another slot of the game and is completely independent to the previous spin.

Casinos not only are compelled to use the random number generator technology in their games to provide fair gambling to their clients but also to protect their establishment from cheating of their players.

Online casino banking

One of the fundamental issues that casino players deal with while selecting a suitable online casino is online banking methods. One should be aware of how he can pay to play games and also be aware time and processes to cash out his winnings from online casinos.

There are numerous online payment methods available today but one payment method might be suitable for a player than others; this depends on the player’s geographical area and the banking options available to him. It is crucial for players to have facilities of simple, quick and secured deposit system so that they can bank with online casinos flawlessly.

Our online casino banking guide intends to list all popular deposit and withdraw methods accepted by most online casinos and also include a guide on how you can deposit and with those methods.

Go to our Banking Guide to learn:

–          What deposit options do most online casinos offer

–          How much time does each method take to deposit and withdraw

–          How to deposit and withdraw with each option offered and accepted by the casino.

Playing Online Pokies

No casino experience is complete without wagering and winning on a pokie game. As our website is suitable named Free Online Pokies, we offer a fully details guideline on how to play online pokies, introduce the different types of pokies and explain their differences and additionally advice players on the best strategies to play online pokies.

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